IELTS Practice Material to Improve Your Score

  • Prepare for the IELTS test and improve your score. Our IELTS practice material includes both the general and academic module
  • Complete IELTS preparation with proven results, take the test with hours of practice behind you
  • Get access to over hundreds of quizzes, exercises and practice tests

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IELTS Practice

Our IELTS platform is designed to help non-native English speakers learn the strategies and skills that will enable them to succeed when taking the exam.

The practice package includes all the sections of the test (reading, speaking, writing, and listening), with bonus materials focusing on vocabulary, grammar and test taking skills.

If you want to raise your IELTS score now, and get extra practice in, then our IELTS practice material is for you! The platform is 100% online. Register now and begin practicing at your own computer within seconds!

Some of the many features included in the package are highlighted below.

IELTS Practice Package Details

Increase your vocabulary by studying our word bank which includes over 2000 relevant words. Learn how to apply your newly learned words in the right context with our vocab quiz.

The test simulator helps you prepare for the reading and listening section. Review the questions you missed and learn what parts of the exam you need to focus on.

Improve your speaking skills by recording yourself and making adjustments. The speech lab walks you through point by point on how to communicate your answers.

Learn how to organize your writing response. The writing lab gives you examples and provides you with a framework.

ePrepz IELTS Practice

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